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Iron & Steel Making

Design, engineering and construction of green-field Projects. “Brown-Field” projects with forward and backward integration. Developing plant layout and material flow. Selection of equipment by mutual discussion.

ANT provides consultancy in steel making through the following two routes:

EAF Route

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)/Ladle Furnace (LF)/Vacuum Degassing (VD)/Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)

Normally small furnaces are spout type and Furnaces above 20 Tons are EBT Type, where slag free metal is tapped. EAF route is mainly for Plain Carbon & Alloy Steel Making for auto industries and also high alloy steel grades. The heat after tapping is processed at LF for final chemistry and temperature. After LF the heat is transferred to VD for removal of Hydrogen and other impurities. Here also after VD operation trimming alloy adjustment is done and heat is sent for casting to CCM. The Caster is most important area which can improve or deteriorate the steel quality. For Stainless Steel VOD or AOD can be installed in line with EAF.

IF Route

Induction Furnace (IF)/Ladle Furnace (LF) {optional} /Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)

Induction Furnaces are only for melting of scrap. Refining is not possible. Steel after melting is directly cast on CCM. Widely used for TMT/Structure rolling. Some Ifs with higher capacities do use LF. Phosphorous is now also possible by making some special additives and using LF in line.

IF along with AOD is ideal for Stainless Steel making because of its economics.

For alloy steel making recent trend is to route the IF heat through LD converter, LF, VD and CCM with all the latest facilities.

Steel making: Projects

Green Field Project

  • Selection of process route for economical and efficient operation of the plant.
  • Development of plant layout for smooth operations and material flow.
  • Establishing equipment specifications.
  • Design and engineering of plant utilities.
  • Developing standard operating practices.

Brown Field Project

  • Increase in productivity by optimum utilisation of resources.
  • Increasing the casting speed of CCM and planning long sequences.
  • Updating all Standard Operating Practices (SOP).
  • Slag Disposal Techniques.
  • Overall Cost reduction by optimizing consumption of all inputs.
  • Energy consevation
  • Technical audit
  • Training

Steel Making: Process Improvement

  • Reduction in refractory consumption.
  • Improvement in Ferro alloy recovery.
  • Reduction in Power and Electrode consumption.
  • Help in the procurement of consumables from right source
  • Production of the Quality product.
  • Improvement in the existing setup.
  • Trouble shooting in Plant Operation.
  • Improvements in CCM performance.
  • Making of Stainless Steel and any other grade.
  • Making of SOPs.
  • Reduction of Phosphorous in IF Steel.

ANT also undertakes the detailed study of the loss-making or under-performing units to make it economically viable.

Steel Making: Product Development

  • Development of special Grades in long and flat products applications.
  • Improvement in the quality of final product.
  • Quality improvement by Tundish Metallurgy.
  • Complete development of stainless steel grades including installation of AOD and VOD .

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