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Roll Pass Design

We prepare Roll Pass Design for new mills based on scientific calculations and review existing designs for improvements.

Roll Pass Design

ANT Steel Engineers (Asia) Pvt. Limited has developed their own software to design the roll passes in a very scientific way. Roll pass design worked out by ANT using the said software is working successfully in number of hot rolling mills across the world.  ANT has also designed passes for multi-slit rolling in various rolling mills, the performance is excellent.

Scientifically designed roll pass designs ensures:

  1. Balanced reduction in roughing mill, intermediate mill and finishing mill stands.
  2. Self alignment of passes
  3. Proper filling of the passes to avoid overfilling/under-filling.
  4. Balance of reduction and available power

Advantages of scientifically designed roll pass design are:

  1. Improved Pass Life
  2. Improved Guide Life
  3. Improved Finish Product Quality
  4. Operational Consistency


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